Wednesday, January 14, 2015

JUST RELEASED: ONE's Featured Valentine's Day Menu

ga greens, creamy herbed goat cheese, apples, golden raisins, champagne vinaigrette 9
beet salad, ricotta salata, banyuls vinaigrette, pistachios 11
creamy cauliflower soup, truffle, brioche croutons  10
fried calamari, sweet and spicy, smoked mayo 13
lobster arancini, fennel, watercress aoili 15
griddled goat cheese toast, sauteed mushrooms  10
fried shrimp, baby artichokes, zucchini, spicy peppers, curry sauce 14
foie gras torchon, pomegranate pear compote, toasted pecans, pain de mie croutons 16
crispy pork belly, grits, black garlic  12

wood grilled chicken breast, whipped parsnips, haricots verts, sherry vinegar jus 25
wood roasted rack of lamb, cous cous tabouleh, harissa yogurt 39
cider braised pork cheeks, roasted root vegetables, apples, brussel sprouts, ginger pork jus  31
wood grilled hanger steak, mashed potato, broccoli, red wine sauce 25 blue cheese 27
wood grilled beef ribeye filet, creamed spinach, butternut squash, wild mushrooms, garlic shrimp butter 39

wood roasted scottish salmon, wild rice, broccolini, meyer lemon vinaigrette 27
steamed flounder, grain risotto, green beans, brown butter  34
sauteed grouper, chorizo bouillebaisse, white beans, olives  37

ONE kit kat bar, vanilla ice cream
warm chocolate truffle cake, chambord ice cream
cheesecake, red wine apples, oatmeal lace cookie
cinammon apple bread pudding, dulce de leche, applejack crème anglaise, brandy cranberries

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